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Bagpiping Links

Here are some of my favorite bagpiping links:

Highland Pipes:

First, the homepage of the band to which I belong, the City of Alexandria Pipes and Drums.

Pipe Makers:

I purchased my Highland Pipes from C. E. Kron and co.  I can't recommend them more highly.

Gibson Bagpipes makes Highland pipes that are popular in the band community.  I can't recommend them, though - they have serious quality control problems, such as the use of green wood, and very poor customer service when it comes to dealing with those whom they've sold pipes that are on the verge of falling apart.

Hamish Moore is a specialist is smallpipes, but he also makes period Highland pipes, reel pipes, and border pipes.  I purchased my Highland Pipe chanter in concert A (440Hz) from him, and will probably buy my smallpipes from him as well.

Julian Goodacre makes numerous period bagpipes, from 18th century Highland pipes to smallpipes to English and other European pipes.

And lest the electronic revolution be left out, Manfred Deger is the maker of the magnificent DegerPipes Electronic Bagpipe Chanter.

Suppliers of Piping accessories:

Chris Hamilton, The ToneCzar, sells piping supplies, as well as pipes from a number of makers, including Kron.  I buy most of my supplies here, as he's local to the D.C. area, and I get my gear quickly.

The people I buy the next most number of supplies and music from are the folks from Aberdeen Bagpipe Supply, in Houston.  

Wee Hoose of Supplies, Ltd. is another supplier, particularly notable for their excellent selection of books and sheet music.

The Piper's Hut is another supplier, selling Kron and MaCallum.

The Long Island  BagpipeCompany is another source for pipes and piping supplies.

For the Canadians out there, Jim McGillivray is another well-known supplier.  Another Canadian outfitter is Ben Bhraggie House Limited. Ditto George's Music, which sells Kron, Dunbar Highland pipes, and Walsh shuttlepipes, among others.

And many other suppliers, who sell many instruments other than the Highland Pipes, can be found on my Celtic Music Resources page.

Bagpipe Music:

Most bagpiping suppliers also stock quite a bit of pipe music in books.  Here's a sampling of what can be found online.  

Viper Piper maintains a tune listing.

Gerald Griffith maintains a list of tunes as well.

LonePiper.Net maintains a searchable database of sources for pipe tunes.  If it's been published or recorded, this database can tell you where.

For a little 'wild' piping, try the site of Cape Breton piper Barry Shears.

General Information:

Ewan MacPherson maintains a site of some piping information and articles.

David Daye also maintains a page with a number of piping-related articles, though it doesn't seem to have been updated in some time.

Another source is

Also there's and  This pair of related sites maintains excellent information on Ceol Mor.

Chas Fowler's Piper's Corner is a good piping resource as well.

Discussion Groups:

One of the better forums about piping is maintained by Bob Dunsire.

Another is

Uilleann Pipes:

A fairly general resource for Uilleann piping is

David Daye also has some Uilleann pipe information on his page.

Seth Gallagher is a maker of Uilleann pipes and now Pratten-style flutes.  When I buy some Uilleann pipes, there's a good chance I'll get them from him.

Other Bagpipes:

Sean Folsom maintains a site wherein he shows 30 different bagpipes from around the world in detail.  This is an excellent companion to his CD, which I highly recommend.

Chas Fowler maintains an interesting history of the Pastoral pipe, an instrument related to the Uilleann pipes.

John Tose makes Welsh bagpipes and Pibgyrn, and maintains an archive of Welsh music for both the Highland pipes and the Welsh pipes.

The Northumbrian Piper's Society maintains a lot of information for Northumbrian and Border pipes.

Bagpipes Galore sells both Highland pipes, and all-synthetic practice sets for Highland pipes, smallpipes, and Uilleann pipes.

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